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United Kingdom(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) Information

We are researching local information about United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a constitutional monarchy of islands on the northwest coast of mainland Europe. We will feature information that you may want to know when you enter United Kingdom.

United Kingdom(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) Information


The United Kingdom has a major territory of Great Britain, northeast approximately one sixth of Ireland, and the surrounding islands. The name "Great Britain" is derived from "Grande Bretagne", a large land area north of the sea from Bretagne, France, named by Romans. It is separated from France by the Dover Strait (the Strait of Calais) at its narrowest approximately 34 km, and is connected by a submarine tunnel. It is made up of four members: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with capitals of London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, respectively.


About 240,000 km2 (about two-thirds of Japan)

Capital (approximate population)

London (8.99 million)

Business related cities other than Stockholm (approximate population)

Birmingham (1.16 million)Glasgow (620,000)Liverpool (580,000)Bristol (580,000)Manchester (560,000)Sheffield (550,000)Leeds (510,000)Edinburgh (500,000)Leicester (470,000)Cardiff (320,000)Belfast (340,000) etc.


Approximately 67.55 million

Ethnic Groups

87.1% White, 7.0% Asian, 3.0% Black, 2.0% Mixed, 0.9% Other


English is the official language and national language. Other Scots, Ulster Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic, Irish


About 60% are Christians, about 4% are Islam and about 1.3% are Hindu. About 25% are non-religious.


While each of the four nations has its own traditional culture, the development of culture as a leader in liberal democracy and the influence of the diverse cultures of the former colonies, which were held on the five continents as empires, have made UK as the "Cultural Superpower".


Each of the four countries has its own education system. They are generally known for their high level of education and high degree completion.

Outline of modern history in United Kingdom

1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland established
1815 Battle of Waterloo
1839-42 First Opium War
1914-18 World War I
1919-21 Irish Revolutionary War
1929 World Depression
1939-45 Second World War
1945 Become a permanent member of the UN Security Council
1947 India Independence
1949 Become a founding member of NATO
1973 Join the European Economic Community (EEC)
1982 Falklands War
1991 Joined in the Gulf War
1993 European Union (EU) launched
1996 Announced that BSE (mad cow disease) may be transmitted to humans
1997 Handover of Hong Kong
1999 Participated in Kosovo airstrike
2001 A terror occurred in the United States. Participate with U.S. fight against terrorism, Afghanistan bombing
2003 Iraq war participation
2005 London simultaneous bombings
2008- Financial crisis
2011 Libya intervention
2012 London Olympics and Paralympics
2016 Decision to leave EU by referendum
2020 Brexit (Exit from EU)


It is a unitary state with a constitutional monarchy. Since the British Constitution is not codified, it is said that Congress can effectively amend the constitution by passing a law. Parliament is bicameral. Administration is carried out by the Cabinet, and the Chief Executive Officer is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet have adopted the Parliamentary Cabinet system, which exists with the confidence of Congress.

GDP per capita

$ 41,030 (2019)


It is the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest in Europe after Germany.

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