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Privacy Policy

TamatsuLab deliver consulting services for web, overseas business, and communication. Here we introduce our company's privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

We promise that we handle privacy information provided by our customers carefully according to below privacy policy.
1. Privacy Information
Privacy information is an information that includes address, name, phone number, e-mail address etc. which can identify customers themselves.
2. Objective to User Privacy Information
Our objective to use privacy information provided by customers are follows.
(a) to provide information about products, services
(b) to sell products, services
(c) surveys, analysis, study
(d) to send notification for seminar, event
(e) to response to contact and to support for products and services
(f) to make opportunity, alliances, and other business communication
We will not use privacy information besides above purposes.
3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
We may disclose privacy information to third parties on below cases.
(a) if it is legally required
(b) if we determined disclosure is necessary to protect human life, physical or property
(c) if we determined disclosure is necessary especially for the benefit of the public to cooperate with you to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations have been entrusted or local government or national institutions
(d) if we are determined to be necessary to ensure the rights of our customers or us
(e) if we outsource to handle privacy information as is needed to carry out the businesses
When we outsource to handle privacy information, we select suitable suppliers which operate privacy information appropriately, let suppliers handle privacy information appropriately by contract etc.
4. Correction and Deletion of Privacy Information
Customers can request us to correct/delete their own privacy information. We will correct/delete privacy information as requested by customers unless we have a specific reason.
5. Advertising Services
On this site, we are using a third-party advertising companies to serve ads. To provide ads of products and services in response to visitors' interests, these companies may collect information about access to the site or any other site (name, address, email address, or phone number are not included ).
Please see below for the details and the way so that these companies could not use such information.
- For Cookies
1. May use Cookie for the convenience of visitors: Cookie is set when visiting the site, when you login.
2. May use Cookie to count number of visitors.
3. May use Cookie in the ads.
If you do not want to send data to a third party, please access your browser to turn off the Cookie feature.
However, because it is used in many sites Cookie is a common technique in the Internet, if you turn off entirely the Cookie, there is a possibility that some sites may not function properly.
- For web beacons
Web beacon is a technique using an image file that will be called when displaying a page, and to understand the flow line of page impressions and user specific.
You can seal the web beacon by suppressing the image display in the browser settings.
- For information on disabling Cookie
If you want to deny the acquisition of Cookie, take a look at the "Help" menu of your browser, please perform the settings for sending and receiving of cookies.
You can also delete the Cookie that is stored in the browser.
6. Changing Privacy Policy
This policy may be changed without notice to customers.

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We will not be responsible for any disadvantages by using the link sites.
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