All about Medical Communication

Investigate and introduce medical communication. The need for improved communication with patients is increasing in increasingly sophisticated and complex medical settings. This section features the actual situation of medical communication and its training and improvement methods.

All about Medical Communication

Medical Sites that Suffers from Communication with Oatients

What is happening in the medical field now?

Medical technology is becoming more sophisticated and complex, and specialists at major hospitals and other hospitals are diversifying their fields to cover.

In healthcare, productivity improvement has been called for, and more hospitals are carrying out improvement activities such as assembly work and QC activities that have been carried out in factories and so far.

On the other hand, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the elderly living alone and the number of nuclear families have increased, and many patients have complained of illness or psychological anxiety about drugs.

The need for improved medical communication is increasing at a time when it is said that the division of labor in medical care has progressed and that the number of "physicians who can do anything" has decreased.

Doctors are professions that require a high degree of expertise. But they are not communication professionals.

Sometimes communication with patients may not be successful.

However, if you have trouble communicating with the patient, you may be accused of "the doctor has no common sense", and in the worst case, it may cause a medical accident and develop a lawsuit.

Communication problems are not always the fault of the doctor, but can be due to the patient's feelings.

People tend to hide embarrassing things. Some patients lie at once or deceive what they do not want to say honestly.

With an understanding of the nature of such patients, doctors must make a correct diagnosis and take appropriate measures. For that, doctors need to improve communication with patients. Of course, communication needs to be improved not only in doctor's practice, but also in dental treatment and pharmacist's explanation of medication.

This site features the practice of medical communication learned by doctors, as well as training and improvement methods.

All about Medical Communication

What is Medical Communication Diseases and Their Causes
Medical care is to heal people and cure diseases. Those who are sick and in need of treatment are humans, and doctors who specialize in treating the illness professionally are also humans. Therefore, medical care requires communication between people.
It is only recently that medical communication studies have become a formal discipline in the medical, dentistry, and pharmacy departments. However, the history of medical communication itself is old, and it can be said that it began with the start of the profession of doctors who examine and treat patients.
Patient Emotions
A sick patient will interact with the doctor with various emotions. Sometimes he or she gets pessimistic about the disease, sometimes he or she neglects the disease, or he or she respects the doctor, and sometimes he or she fears or hates the doctor.
Doctor's Consultation
When a doctor examines a patient, at the moment he guesses, verifies, judges, and prescribes the name of the disease. Doctors must carefully observe the patient's condition, check for changes in the test data, and make decisions and take action each time.
Dental Treatment
In dental treatment, the dentist specializes in treating the mouth, such as teeth and gums. A lot of patients come to the dentist who have tooth decay due to tooth pain, and those who have tooth ache are sometimes frustrated or very anxious.
Pharmacists work in hospitals and pharmacies to dispense the patient's medicine according to the prescription, hand the medicine directly to the patient, and do various other tasks related to medicine.
Necessity of Communication Prevent Medical Accidents
A medical accident is a patient's illness or injury caused by a medical practice that should not have occured without medical practice. It is a sad story that a patient who comes to the hospital to treat a illness has a medical accident.
Medical Litigation
Medical litigation is generally a litigation brought by stakeholders, such as the patient, his or her family, or the family, to argue that the medical practice itself is inappropriate and that it is the cause of the disadvantages after the medical practice.
Informed consent
Informed consent is literally "consent based on announcement." This is the idea of giving the patient enough information in advance and obtaining the patient's consent before the doctor gives treatment, and is based on the intention of the patient in medical treatment.
Aging Society
As medical technology advances and people's lifespans increase, the world is aging. In an aging society, people are able to live longer, and that is fine in itself.
Cancer Announcement
In recent years, the treatment of cancer has changed dramatically. Even cancer can be cured by early detection. Excision surgery can be discharged in a short period of time, and you can live a normal life for many years.
Education and Training Education for OSCE
OSCE is an objective clinical ability test that evaluates the clinical ability of medical and pharmacy students and clinical apprentices. An abbreviation of Objective Structured Clinical Examination in English, commonly called "OSCE".
Use of SP (Simulated Patient)
The need for learning and training in medical communication is growing. Students and apprentices want to quickly acquire communication skills before interacting with a real patient.
Role Play
Role play means "play a role." Role play is one of the training and practice of communication, and it is effective to feel the impressions and feelings received from various positions and to reconsider yourself.
Clinical Training
In clinical practice, trainees acquire various experiences by actually attending medical activities with patients at hospitals and facilities. For trainees, this is an opportunity to communicate with a real patient.
Challenges for the Future Research on Medical Communication
Research on medical communication will be increasingly conducted in the future. With the advancement and complexity of medical care, communication between doctors and pharmacists and patients is becoming increasingly important.
The Role of the University
More and more universities are incorporating communication education in medicine and pharmacy. The role of the university is becoming very important for students to communicate well with patients in medical practice.
Patient Personality and Psychology
The patient is a human. Each human has his or her own personality. Even if you explain the same thing in the same way, different people understand the language differently. Whether or not to follow what a doctor says properly also depends on the person.
Simulated Patient and Communication Education Simulated Patient and Communication Education
Communication education using simulated patients is spreading in university education in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. The purpose and current state of education and the future of education using simulated patients are considered.
Purpose of Use
The use of simulated patients is becoming more widespread as part of medical education, practical training, examinations, and improved services at medical facilities such as hospitals. By introducing simulated patients in university education, it is possible to obtain learning that is difficult to learn with text and lecture-based education.
SP Requirements
Simulated patients behave and act as actual patients in classes, exercises, and tests. The purpose of using simulated patients is to improve communication skills and test evaluation, so simulated patients need to be people who are suitable for the purpose.
Practices for Simulated Patients
What do you do if you actually become a simulated patient? What should a simulated patient be aware of? Here, we will explain the simulated patient's actions in order.
Acting Quality and Feedback
Places to utilize simulated patients include communication education classes, pre-clinical training, and exams such as OSCE. Depending on the situation and purpose, the quality of performance required of the simulated patient will differ.
Training of Simulated Patients Rules and Etiquette
The simulated patient participates in classes and practical training, and participates in acting as a patient, feedback after acting, and discussions on communication. There are rules and etiquette to follow when participating in the education, training and testing of students and interns as simulated patients.
Recruiting and Securing Simulated Patients
When conducting classes, exercises, and tests that utilize simulated patients, you must first recruit and secure simulated patients that can be used in those classes, exercises, and tests. There are several ways to secure simulated patients.
Training of Simulated Patients
The use of simulated patients is expected to improve the communication skills of students and apprentices and contribute to improving the quality of medical services. Therefore, it is necessary for universities to secure people who will be simulated patients.
Performance Check and Guidance
Recruiting and nurturing simulated patients will eventually make use of simulated patients in classes, practical training, OSCE, etc. If you actually use it, you can see that there is a range of acting depending on the simulated patient.
Planned Training for OSCE
Secure a large number of simulated patients who can perform stably. Some universities recruit from local residents and train them as simulated patients.
Use of Simulated Patients Use of Simulated Patients in Class
By using simulated patients in communication classes, it is possible to bring new changes not only to student skills but also to university classes. This is because a new perspective of a simulated patient is added, not only of teachers and of students.
Effects and Challenges
Utilizing simulated patients for communication education has various effects on university education. There are also university-specific and common issues in education using simulated patients.
Future of Communication Education
It is highly desirable that medical communication education using simulated patients be conducted at universities in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Communication with patients is becoming increasingly important in healthcare.

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All about Medical Communication
Investigate and introduce medical communication. The need for improved communication with patients is increasing in increasingly sophisticated and complex medical settings. This section features the actual situation of medical communication and its training and improvement methods.
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