4. Water Chapter

Water is a substance consisting of hydrogen and oxygen. The water changes freely according to the bowl. It is as soft as ever, yet has the power to drill rocks.

4. Water Chapter

In the Chapter of Water, we have summarized the points that lead management advantage without a battle.

- Get Along with Rivals
Let's get along with our rivals without fighting indiscriminately. You face hard time when you lose in a battle, and even if you win, if you are exhausted, you may be attacked by another rival and destroyed. Rather than fighting, it is sometimes better to exchange information while getting along and enhance each other.

- Gentle and Soft
Managers should always be gentle and soft when meeting people. If you are calm, the favorability increases. Above all, you don't have to create enemies. Increasing the number of co-workers without increasing the number of enemies as much as possible is an effective way to advance management. In business negotiations, it is important to be gentle and flexible. Managers is to be kind to people, but never compromises.

- Consider to Others
Highly-minded managers are attentive and concerned about others. Management moves people and organizes the organization. And we need to create a strong organization and compete in the market. It is management's popularity to unite the organization.

- Change Freely
The times change. The world changes. This is a time of rapid change. To survive in this era, it is important to create an organization that can change freely. Modern management is required to have the flexibility to freely change without being bound by the common sense and stereotypes of the past.

- Continue to Work Hard
You do not know when the fight will occur. Even if you don't want to fight, you may be attacked by a rival. If you haven't had a fight for a while, and you have to fight someday, you may get stuck and lose. Being too used to peace is the way to ruin. Keep training hard every day in preparation for any future battles.

- Clean, Polish
Let's clean the shop and workplace. Polish signs and windows neatly. If a shop has a sense of cleanliness, customers will be more fond of it. When the workplace is clean, the feelings of the workers are brightened. Polishing signs and windows will make it easier to attract customers. Business owners should always pay attention to shops, workplaces, signs, etc. For a business to prosper forever, it must be cleaned and polished every day.

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