6. Chapter of Virtue

Virtue is the power of personality to let people admire. People gather at the place of a virtuous person. It is the work of the virtue that the surrounding people want to work for this person without doing anything.

6. Chapter of Virtue

The Virtue Chapter summarizes the personalities that you want to prepare as a manager.

- Compassion
"Compassion" means a feeling of loving and helping people. It's not just a pampering. It is because of the desire to grow and happiness of the person from the bottom of the heart, it is to say strictly, to teach correctly at the right time, and to give trial if necessary.

- Calm and Broad Mind
It is important for managers to have a calm and open mind. If the manager is frustrated, depressed, or downed, the feelings of those around him or her become unstable. Managers with small minds do not have much popularity. It is important for business owners to have open mind, not to be caught in small things.

- Brighten Surroundings
Management is the central entity that leads the organization. The atmosphere of the manager at the center of the organization determines the atmosphere of the entire organization. Management should be proactive and use positive words. Managers who brighten the surroundings are familiar to everyone.

- Humble without Boasting
Business owners who like boasting are hated. People who just emphasize their achievements will not attract people. To be loved by the people, managers should humble themselves without emphasizing their achievements or boasting of past success.

- Accept New Ideas
The times change. It's outdated if you stick to old ideas forever. With the times, younger generations are growing and appearing in society. If you do not understand the thoughts of the young generation, you will be left behind by the times. In order not to be left behind by the times, it is important for managers to actively accept new ideas.

- Obey the Law of Nature
Business owners need to be familiar with the laws of nature, and conduct their business accordingly. Even if you go against the laws of nature, management does not go well. What do people want to do, where do people gather, what do people rejoice when they are done, and what do they hate? Business owners, among other things, need to know the laws of movement.

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