7. Road Chapter

A road is a path to a goal. Management is very different depending on where the manager is going and what path he is going to take.

7. Road Chapter

The Road Chapter summarizes the points that will help you move your business better.

- Become Indispensables
In order for customers to always buy products and services, it is important that you "become indispensable" for customers. Being an integral part of a customer's life is one of the major goals of management.

- Something Exciting
Let's work on “Someting Exciting”. Exciting things will motivate your employees. Excitement will increase customer expectations. If you try to get excited, many people will pay attention. “Exciting company” attracts people and increases fans. Exciting people is the job of a manager.

- Build Brand Power
Having customers come to your store and choose your own products and services is called "building brand power." Think about how your customers identify your business, product or service. And let's devise our shops, products and services so that our customers can choose.

- Long Term Plan
In many cases, managers tend to be focus on short-term issues, but it is also important to make a hundred-year plan (a long-term plan that looks into one hundred years ahead). To make a hundred years plan is to nurture people so that your business can continue even after you disappear from the world.

- Follow the Road of Nature
Doing something unnatural doesn't last long. Occasionally, business owners should check themselves to make sure they aren't cramped or out of the way.

- Through Training
The more you train, the stronger you will be. If you neglect yourself, you will be weaker. Train yourself to be the strongest in the market.

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