0. Management Chapter

Management is about establishing the foundation and deciding on the base to conduct business. In planning and executing a business, managers are responsible for solving various issues and taking responsibility for the results.

0. Management Chapter

The direction of business is greatly influenced by management's way of thinking, the information that management obtains, judgment, way of saying, actions, and relationships with surroundings. In order to manage better, it is important for managers to be aware of followings.

- Awareness as a Manager (Family Road / Management Road)
It is important for management to put the organization together. The closest unit to us is the family. There is no way for a person who cannot easily organize his or her family to organize the team as a company. It is important for business owners to first learn how to bring their families together harmoniously. Only after successfully organizing your family, you can organize your company. The path of family harmony leads to the path of business success.

- Self-reflection
Managers are required to always reflect on themselves. Self-reflection is an activity in which one looks at oneself, finds out the relationship between what one's feelings and behaviors have, and works to improve it. If you run a company, you will make various mistakes. It is natural for a business owner to reflect on every failure. However, self-reflection does not just reflect on failure. Even if your business is doing well, it is important to continue to reflect on potential sources of dissatisfaction with your customers and employees, which may increase your risk for the future.

- Be Humble, Don't be Evil
It is important for business owners not to make any imprudent remarks or actions, never to speak up and to do wrong. You shouldn't commit crimes such as fraud or theft. Furthermore, it's important not to be jealous or to speak badly of others. Envy drives people crazy and makes wrong actions. Abuse about other people worsen relationships. If a business owner is jealous or speaks badly about others, human relations inside and outside the company are ruined, and in some cases, the organization is collapsed. The influence of management's words and actions is very large. In particular, managers who stand on top of the organization must be modest and discreet.

- Collect Good Information
Information is the lifeline of management. Management decisions can vary greatly depending on how information is collected. In order to make quick and accurate business decisions, managers need to collect good information quickly and efficiently. Now is the time when information is overflowing. It is also important to avoid looking at extra or unnecessary information as much as possible. First, let's look at how excellent management people are gathering information. It may be a good idea to go to an exchange meeting where successful managers gather to hear the information collecting know-how directly.

- Use Good Language
Words have power. Words influence people. It is said that the words contain the spirit of the person who emits them. One word changes a person's feelings greatly. It is the power of words that drives your business. Depending on the words, the company organization can be very energetic or vulnerable. In particular, the words of a manager who is on the top of the organization have a great influence. Managers need to be careful about the impact of their words. It's important to use good words that encourages people to be energetic.

-Be Modest
In order to succeed as a manager, it is important to be modest. Being modest will increase your liking, attract people, get good information, and make it easier for you to negotiate. Being humble is an essential skill for doing business well. With some small successes, people tend to be conceited, but such people can not make big success. In order to prevent troubles and improve relationships, it is important to keep being modest and always humble.

- Work More than Anyone Else
Managers shall be passionate about work and have to work more than anyone else. If you look at the managers who are making the utmost effort, the people around you will feel like "follow this person." Managers who put all their passion into management look shining. If the manager himself does not work well, but merely orders his or her subordinates to "work," the hearts of people will be separated. If managers work hard with their energies, the surroundings will naturally follow without any special instructions.

-Do not Impose Values
It is important that managers do not impose their ideas and values on others. If you just push your thoughts and values on people, you will feel like a disgusting person and you will be hated and stop receiving information from people. Managers must not impose their ideas and values. Rather, it is necessary to respect the ideas and values of others and to have a broad mind to accept them. A person with a small mind cannot be a good manager. A lot of people come to a manager with a big heart.

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