5. Chapter of Harmony

Harmony is a good and friendly relationship. What is important in management is the harmony of people. The management listens to people, respects their intentions, and fosters a sense of friendship within the organization that will thank everyone, encourage each other, and move on to their dreams and goals..

5. Chapter of Harmony

The chapter of Harmony sums up the key points for creating a cohesive organization.

- Ability to Listen
The ability of a manager is determined by listening to people. If you don't listen to people, you should stop running businesses. Listening to people tells you information, tells you who they are, and gives them a favor. Listening to people gives you the power to sense changes in your feelings, to find hidden abnormalities and problems, and to seize new opportunities.

- Help, Friendship
The job of a manager is to help people in the organization help each other and have a sense of camaraderie. Management is in a risk if people in the company interfere and hate each other. Rather than you adopt the principle of competition and the principle of performance in your company, it is better to instill a spirit of cooperation and a sense of friendship.

-Respect for Will
People have different motivations depending on whether they want to do or whether they think they are being forced to do by others. It's hard to get good results if the boss doesn't listen to his or her subordinates' thoughts and just tells them to do their job. Respecting people's will is the first step to motivating people.

- Respect Behind Workers
Organizations don't just need star players. The star player shines because the people who work behind the scenes support it. In order to create a cohesive organization, management must remember to thank those who work behind the scenes.

- Big Dreams, Slight Goals
Dream big, set goals a little higher. You don't get excited much if your dreams is small. On the other hand, if the goal is too high, everyone will give up. Big dreams and a little higher goals are effective for everyone in the organization to be excited and to work together toward the goals.

- Low Quota
Organizations need a quota. However, if the quota is too high, everyone will be tired, discrimination will occur with some people in the organization who can and will not achieve the quota, which will cause jealousy and discomfort. In order to increase the cohesion of the organization, it is important not to raise the quota too high and not to create a cause of envy. Setting a lower quota and encouraging everyone to help each other will improve the overall outcome of the organization.

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