3. Chapter of Fire

Fire is a phenomenon in which a substance reacts with oxygen, consumes internal energy, emits light and heat, and undergoes a chemical change. Fire transforms matter in a short time.

3. Chapter of Fire

Fire can be an arms for battle, a dangerous weapon, and a very useful tool depending on how you use it. The Fire chapter summarizes the points to win in a short battle.

- Speed
Speed is important in a battle. To win the battle, you need to create an organization that can move quickly.

- Bullish
When fighting, it is easier to win if you are bullish. Management must encourage the organization and increase its bullishness.

- Information and Decision
The battle is a series of decisions. Wrong decisions lead to defeat. Information and decision-making are important so that you can't lose in battle. All you need is information about your opponent, information about yourself, and the environmental conditions of the battlefield. Management analyzes the information and decides whether to fight or not, and if so, where and how to fight in a timely manner. Inaccurate information, inadequate information analysis, or indecision can jeopardize yourself in the battle.

- Find Opponent Fatal Spot
Knowing your opponent's fatal spot will make it easier to win the battle. If you can't find your opponent's fatal spot, use a feint etc. to loosen your opponent's strength. Dispersed opponents make it easier to fight and find fatal spot.

- Hide Your Fatal Spot
If you expose your fatal spot to your opponent, you will be attacked there and it will be painful. When fighting, it is important to concentrate your strength and not show your fatal spot to your opponent. In some cases, it may be helpful to disguise the false information to make the other area seem to be a fatal spot.

- Quick Well Reconcillation
The prolonged battle exhausts each other. Above all, fighting leaves grudges. Make the fight as short as possible and reconcile well and quickly so that you do not leave a grudge. Unless there's a good reason you have to crush your opponent, it's important to be careful and careful and don't fight indiscriminately.

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