2. Chapter of the Earth

A land is a place and a territory. The way you fight depends on where you are and where you are aiming.

2. Chapter of the Earth

It is important for managers to understand their standing position and the surrounding terrain when planning a strategy for how to fight. In the chapter of the Earth, we have summarized the points for managers to create favorable terrain.

- Where and What to Sell
First, the manager considers where to sell. Then we'll look at the products that sell to the prospects there, and how to compete with rivals who will compete with there.

- Target Customers
Think about what kind of customers you want to come. Then, prepare a product that interests the customers you want to come to, and appeal in words that resonate with their hearts.

- Target Rivals
Which rivals to fight or avoid is an important decision that management has to make. Easier to win is "rivals that are weaker than you" or "rivals who make you look better from the perspective of the customer". You want to fight by choosing opponents who are easy to win given safety measures. In some cases, however, you may have to fight strong rivals with who you want to avoid the battle.

- Who to Partner with
Depending on who you work with, the direction of your business can change dramatically. Working with companies in a particular area will make it easier for you to circulate money in that area. Working with different industries can help you develop new products and develop new markets. Partnering with peers can help each other to exchange information and improve their level, and may also work together to compete with rivals that can't fight alone.

- Increase Collaborators
It is said that the success of a business depends on how to increase the number of collaborators. A business can be built by obtaining a variety of collaborators, such as those who can give good information, those who spread reputation, and those who can help. In order for many people to become collaborators, it is important to increase their liking with a broad mind, attentiveness and a flexible attitude.

- How Handle Newcomers
What to do with new entrants starting a business near you? Should we crush them as rivals early? Should I ignore it? Or should I help it as a peer? The treatment of new entrants depends on the nature of the entrant. If they are hardworking and obedient, you can help them. Such a people may be a good allies in the future. However, if they are lazy, or dishonest and unreliable, you may want to ignore or beat early. If any new entrants are concerned, let's take a look at their personality.

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