About Happo Management Mandala

The eight law management mandala is a diagram that summarizes what you should pay attention and keep in mind as a manager. The eight items of heaven, earth, fire, water, harmony, virtue, road, and treasure are arranged around, and the manager is in the center.

About Happo Management Mandala

It would be helpful to have something that gives you a full view of your management knowledge, let me make something easy to read and simple. So I decided to make this figure.
The purpose of this chart is to get a complete picture while knowing the detailed management guidelines. I think that using this chart will make it easier to see the points of improvement in management.
Management has to deal with short-term and small details carefully. However, at the same time, management must always look at the whole picture from a long-term perspective. If management is obsessed with partials, the whole will be neglected. However, if you do not deal with the problems that are occurring in front of you quickly, management will fail.
There are plenty of books on management, and there are many useful ones. However, people who read a lot of books and gained knowledge cannot necessarily manage well. If your knowledge is biased or you can't remember it when you need it, you won't be able to make good use of your knowledge.
If you are already involved in management or want to become a manager in the future, I would like you to put this diagram on a wall and use it to improve your management.
Of course, this diagram is not the complete form of management. There may be better ways of summarizing, and further modifications and improvements should be added. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Happo Management Mandala

Happo Management Mandala Commentary

About TamatsuLab Happo Management School

TamatsuLab Happo Management School is a school where managers and people who aim to be managers gather to practice management based on eight items: heaven, earth, fire, water, harmony, virtue, road, and treasure. It applies the annual membership fee system, and provides individual hands-on experience and irregular study sessions. Please contact TamatsuLab for more information about TamatsuLab Happo Management School.

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