Calculus and Food

Calculi can be very painful when they become large and can cause cancer if left untreated. It is said that calculus is easy to form and has a great relationship with eating habits. Here we will focus on the relationship between calculus and food.

Calculus and Food

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Calculus means that waste products in the body solidify like stones. There are various types of stones, but the most common ones that Japanese are likely to become are gallstones that can form gall bladders and urinary stones that can be formed by consolidation of urine components. Gallstones are mainly caused by increased burden on the liver, excessive cholesterol, and urinary calculi in the bladder and ureter, mainly due to calcium.
Both cholesterol and calcium are found in everyday meals, especially meat, eggs and dairy products. However, if they increase too much in the body, stones are more likely to form. Calculus may be a so-called luxury disease due to excessive nutrition.

It is said that those who are gourmets and know various gourmet dishes are more likely to develop stones. Perhaps you're just getting too nutritious by pursuing tasty foods what you like.
Stones can be very painful. Even if there is no pain, progress of the disease may cause complications such as dysfunction of internal organs. Early measures and preventive activities are required before becoming serious.
It is important to take care of your daily diet to avoid calculus. By the way, what should we be careful about in our diet? How can you prevent stones in your diet?
Here we will investigate calculus, their causes, and tips for prevention. We hope that it will be helpful for those who want to work on calculus measures and prevention.

Calculus and Food

About Calculus What is Calculus
Calculus is a stone-like substance that forms in channels and organs in the body. Originally melted into a liquid, but crystallized for some reason. The crystals grow and grow larger, sometimes with severe pain.
Stones and Pain
Calculi are generally painful as they grow. It can be very painful from a very small age, or it can be quite large even it does not hurts, depending on where the calculus has formed.
Causes of Stones
Why do stones form? Why do stones form where you don't want them to be made? Knowing the causes of calculi makes it easier to take countermeasures.
Calculus Countermeasures
Calculi are small at first, but they gradually grow larger and can be very painful. If you have a calculus, you need to consult a doctor to receive a prescription or review your lifestyle.
Stone Prevention
Calculi can easily form in the body and grow in size, with severe pain. A body with a calculus is more likely to have adult diseases. I want to live a healthy and energetic life with no stones if possible.
Calculus and Diet Calculus and Diet
Stones are greatly influenced by your daily diet. If you eat unbalanced and lose your nutritional balance, you are more likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, and stones. Stones and eating habits are closely related.
Calcium and Stones
When urinary stones are taken out and examined, calcium is often the main component. This is because the patient's urine contains a lot of calcium, but calcium and urinary calculus seem to have a little troublesome relationship.
Is Calculus a Luxury Disease?
It is said that the number of patients who develop stones has increased as the Japanese diet has become more abundant. In fact, it has been pointed out that the luxury of eating habits is significantly related to the increase in stone patients.
Dinner, Supper and Stones
It is said that urinary stones are more likely to occur if you eat dinner late or if you eat dinner before going to bed. The food is digested in the stomach and the concentration of nutrients is increased, and the water is reduced while sleeping so that stones are easily formed.
Calculi and Ancestry
Apparently, there are families that are susceptible to stone formation. If you have a stone in your parents or family, you need to be careful not to get stoned. Various studies have been conducted on stones and genetic factors.
For Stone Prevention Drink Tea and Water
Calculus is formed by the crystallization of components that have dissolved into organs and ducts. Stones are more likely to form when stones have a high concentration of ingredients. It is said that when water in the body is insufficient, the concentration becomes relatively high and stones are easily formed.
No Sugar or Salt
Try to avoid salt and sugar as much as possible to prevent urinary stones. Too much salt and sugar can cause high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as excretion of calcium by the kidneys and stones.
Chew Well and Eat
Chewing well will not only make your food easier to digest and absorb, it will also help you control overeating and thus prevent stones from forming. Let's chew a lot after putting in.
Dinner Sparingly
It is generally said that stones are easily formed during nights when water in the body tends to be low. Eating more nutrients that make dinner more caloric and a component of stones can make stones even easier.
Don't Eat for 4 Hours before Going to Bed
It is said that stones are formed at night. In the middle of the night, there is a tendency to run out of water, and stones are more likely to be formed even by themselves. If you eat a lot just before going to bed at night, you will end up in a body environment where stones can easily form.

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Calculus and Food
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