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Distortion in a Competitive Society

We have to live in a competitive society and suffer various strains on our bodies and our minds. In order to survive due to strain, we need to manage the stress felt by our mind and body.

Distortion in a Competitive Society

Competition has the effect of making people work hard. The harder you work, the better your results will be and the better your results will be. That's why competition principles are used in schools, companies, and elsewhere.

By incorporating the principle of competition, people can compete actively and create a lively society.

However, pursuing the principle of competition alone causes people to feel excessive tension, stress, and fear.

People work hard to win the competition and work and study. It may be good to compete for that, but there are many people who are so desperate that they get sick and cause mental and physical problems.

Also, where there is competition, there is fraud. The wrongdoers dominate the society, and the wrongdoing determines the winners and losers, creating a great sense of injustice in the society, and dissemination and discontent.

There is distortion in any society. Sometimes you may want to complain or complain, but that doesn't hurt your mind and body.

In a strained competitive society, various stresses strike people. In order to survive, it is necessary to get rid of the stress and take the strain that has been created for you.

For a Healthy Life

What is Health Definition of Health
Staying healthy is the ideal and wish of many people. I want to be young and healthy forever, not want to suffer from sickness, and it's not surprising that people really want and want to live.
Factors Leading to Illness
People want to be healthy, and they want to stay healthy forever. Why do people get sick, even though they want to stay healthy?
Health and Four Sufferings
There are four sufferings in life, so-called Shiku. People must be subject to all four hardships. It is said that as long as a person is born in this world and keeps alive, he cannot escape from the struggle.
Worries and Anxiety
Many people have some worries or anxiety. Even if you're not sick and you're physically healthy, you're not healthy if you're crushed by worries and anxiety.
Time and Existence
People are born, live, age and die. A person's life is finite. A person spends a lifetime with his or her body in a finite time. I want to live a healthy life because I want to make that limited time as energetic and enjoyable as possible.
Diet The Importance of Meals
People live nourished by eating every day. It is possible to replenish nutrients by supplements, meds, nutritional drinks and infusions other than by meals, but it is very important to get nutrition by meals.
Dietary Risks
Meal is very important to have a bright and enjoyable life for everyday health. By eating, various things are taken into the body. Therefore, there is a risk that the diet will take in harmful substances.
Rhythm of Diet and Life
Even if you eat the same meal in the same amount, the effect on your body depends greatly on the timing. For those who want to live a healthy life, the rhythm of their diet is very important and must be adhered to.
Teeth and Diet
Every day we bring food into our bodies through our mouth. Teeth play a role in chewing to soften food with saliva and send it to the esophagus and stomach. Teeth are very important for whole body health.
Meal and Conversation with Family
Food is very important for a healthy life. The importance of eating includes not only the importance of the contents, amount, time and nutrients of the meal, but also the importance of eating and talking with the family.
About Exercise Moderate Exercise and Health
If you are healthy, you can do various exercises. You can maintain good health by continuing moderate exercise. Exercise and health are closely related. Exercise is very important for people who want a healthy life.
People breathe all day. Breathing is an indispensable exercise for human life. Careful breathing and good breathing are very important for maintaining a healthy life.
Take some time and stretch for just a few minutes during the day. Stretching your body while breathing slowly will maintain and improve limb health as well as relaxing and massage effects.
Life Rhythm and Exercise
Daily life rhythms are not only necessary for living, but also have a major effect on physical and mental health. Stabilizing your life rhythm in good condition is necessary to build a healthy body and stabilize the mind.
Burden on the Body
Exercise is good for the body and good for your health. However, exercise can be a heavy burden on your body. Exercise can also hurt your body and requires careful attention.
Stress Management Distortion in a Competitive Society
We have to live in a competitive society and suffer various strains on our bodies and our minds. In order to survive due to strain, we need to manage the stress felt by our mind and body.
In words, there is a power that can be called mysterious magic. People can get sick with just one word, or they can regain their health with one standing courage. Verbalization has significant implications for health.
Release of Stress
Stress can accumulate in social life. If you keep accumulating stress all the time, your breath will be choked. People need to relieve stress in some way, which can also create new problems.
Relationship between Envy, Hatred and Illness
You can be sick by feeling resentful or hatred of others. You can also get sick by doing things that you are resentful or hated by others. For a healthy life, it is necessary to stay away from the feelings of grudge and hatred.
Stress erodes the body without knowing it. The causes of stress are individual and you may not know the cause yourself. One way to look for the causes of stress that erodes you is introspection.
Mental Attitude Brighten the Room
As you continue your social life, you may feel depressed. Prolonged psychological sores can negatively affect your health. To relieve any depressed mood, it is important to keep your room clean and bright.
Have no Extra Greed
If you want a healthy life, don't ask for anything and don't want anything. When people continue to have greed, their behavior goes wrong. Having no extra greed makes people's minds healthier and creates a healthy mind and body.
Don't be Bothered or Frustrated
When you live in a social life, you can do many things that you cannot control. It can be frustrating or frustrating if you don't do what you want, and it can sometimes have a negative effect on your health.
The Power of Love
What is essential to maintaining a healthy life is the power of love. Loving and keeping loving can enhance a person's heart. Love enriches life and makes for a healthy and enjoyable life.
Not be Extreme
If you are aiming for a healthy life, it is important not to run in extreme directions. Being nervous, not biased toward one-sided thinking, and stopping extreme behavior and going moderately are fundamental to a healthy life.

Health and Learning Articles

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