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TamatsuLab deliver consulting services for web, overseas business, and communication. Contact us with using e-mail address below.


Please contact the following e-mail address.
# replace ● to @.


We summarized frequently asked questions related to our company and its services. We would appreciate it if you could refer below before contacting us.
What kind of company is TamatsuLab?
TamatsuLab is a company that provides consulting services on the web, overseas business, and communication.
How much will it cost to get consulting?
Consulting services are offered with customers at fixed monthly fees. The price depends on the content of the customer's consultation and the contact frequency, but it is approximate 30,000 yen a month.
How long is the contract period for consulting?
The basic contract period is one year. If there is no particular problem, the contract will be renewed every year.
Is it possible to cancel in the middle?
As long as there is no breach of contract etc., we do not accept cancellation in the middle of contract period.
Can you get on an urgent consultation, such as when sudden problems arise?
Depending on the content, we will respond to individual consultation. Please contact us first.

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