Stars, Constellations and Wishes

The night starry sky is somewhat mysterious. I will write about the story of the constellations and their relationship with the people, and the habits of making wishes on the stars. Think about stars, constellations, and wishes.

Stars, Constellations and Wishes

For the power of mysterious stars

As the sun falls and night comes, the stars begin to shine. You can find a variety of stars, such as strongly shining stars, weak and fading stars, pale and red stars.

In a bright city at night, you may rarely see the stars. However, when you go to a country where the air is clear, you are surprised that there were so many stars in the night sky.

When you look at the beautiful stars, your heart gradually moves away from the real world and becomes a mysterious feeling.

Energy emanating from distant stars. It can deliver light over the years. Miraculously, we can see the glow in the moment we look up at the night sky. Like a fateful encounter.

Since ancient times, stars have been closely associated with our lives. People have been observing the movement of stars for thousands of years. We have created constellations and used them in our lives as a reference for making calendars.

Stars are also mysterious and inspire people's imagination.

There are various stories about stars. Beginning with Greek and Roman myths, various myths and stories involve stars and constellations.

Remembering the constellations and knowing the story will make you feel different when you see the stars.

Stars have mysterious power. The stars are our fortune. It is said to affect the compatibility and fate between people. The stars are also said to protect us and fulfill our wishes.

When you look at the stars with such mysterious power, there is a lot of interest in them.

This site will write about stars and constellations, and wishes people make to the stars.

Maybe some of the stars will fulfill your wishes.

Stars, Constellations and Wishes

About Constellation Stars and Their Types
Looking at the stars shining in the night sky, you feel as if my heart is clear. The stars blinking in the sky seem to be trying to convey a message to us. The arrangement of the stars seems to make some sense.
Constellation History
The constellation refers to the meaning of the stars on the celestial sphere. The constellations not only distinguish the stars scattered in the night sky, make them meaningful and easy to observe, but also give us a mysterious image.
Greek Myths and Constellations
Upon examination, many of the surviving constellations will find that they are closely related to Greek mythology. The names of the constellations themselves are derived from the gods, animals, and objects in Greek mythology.
Chinese Constellation
The main constellation is derived from Greek mythology, but Chinese astronomical observations have been performed for a long time, and there are some constellations. Chinese constellations have developed their own and have been used for many years.
Twelve constellations of the Zodiac
The stars shining in the night sky, the constellation most familiar to us among the constellations is the Zodiac Sign. Zodiac signs are familiar in TV, magazines, and fortune-telling corners on websites.
Stars and Wishes Relationship between Stars and Fortunes
The fortune of a person depends on what kind of star he or she is born from. In addition, it is said that the behavior pattern and fate of people are affected by the operation of stars. Fortunes depend on the stars and you can predict your own fortunes by knowing the star's operation.
About Stars and Compatibility
The compatibility between people is strange. There are people who are not particularly good at having no problems, people who are incompatible with each other, and people who can meet immediately without any problems after meeting for the first time.
Star Protection
Guardian stars usually refer to the planets, the moon, and the sun itself in the solar system. The moon and the sun are very important to us. In addition, the planets do not stay on the celestial sphere and make very strange movements.
Stars and Wishes
There are several legends and traditions that make wishes on stars. It is still practiced to make a wish to a shooting star, find the first star and make a wish, or write a wish on a strip at the event of Tanabata.
Many stars shine in the night sky. The stars shine in different colors, light intensities and sizes. It always shines as you look at it. But maybe that brilliance is getting stronger or weaker.

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Stars, Constellations and Wishes
The night starry sky is somewhat mysterious. I will write about the story of the constellations and their relationship with the people, and the habits of making wishes on the stars. Think about stars, constellations, and wishes.
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